I know I haven’t been updating much lately. Forgive me peeps – I’ve been a bit too busy living life at the moment to write about it. There’s oodles going on, swirling round in my head right now, but I’m afraid it’s the kind of swirly-stuff I have to deal with/live through before I’ll be comfortable writing about it. Plus, people keep forcing me to socialise, which is really putting a dent in my writing time!

I’m just giving y’all a quick update to let you know I am alive and thinking of you. And to inform you that I’m deserting you once more! I’m off to an archaeology conference and am getting back at silly o’clock on Sunday morning. I might be in a Roast-able mood, I might not! The dear and fluffy lord alone knows what I’m going to find to talk about to people all weekend, as I haven’t done a scrap of archaeology in years, but I’m a “Doyenne” of the Internet now (according to the godhead, and he should know), so I’m sure it will be fun for all concerned 🙂

I expect when I get back I’ll be 1) ever so slightly hungover and 2) buzzing with lots of exciting ideas from sitting down and drinking talking to lots of intelligent people all weekend, so expect some nice posts when I return!

Toodles 🙂 (And, if it is working, keep an eye on Twitter for random instances I feel like sharing!)

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