Sunday Roast: I can’t believe I left a nuclear bomb in an elevator

Hello again people. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine as much as I am right now. Ah, the joys of spending the evening sitting in a beer garden, or the afternoon at the marina having a BBQ – which, by the way, was where I was last week, hence no Roast.

Which gives us oodles to go through this week!

Before I go any further though, how many of you wonder at the titles each week? A conversation the other week led me to realise that perhaps people were reading a bit too much into them. When a guy opens a conversation with “so tell me about what happened when you picked a guy up in a cemetery?!” it tends to throw you slightly, till you work out he is referring to a roast title from a few months back. Yes, it says something about my circle of friends that he was willing to believe I had picked up a guy in a cemetery, but that is beside the point. He thought the roast titles related to something in my life and had been champing at the bit for a chance to get me to explain that one a bit more…

I felt rather cruel having to disabuse him of his notions when I explained it was just a quote I liked from Abby on NCIS. See, all the things I put in Sunday Roast titles are quotes or song lyrics from things I have seen and heard recently. Yes, I keep a book of quotes. Yes, I try and relate the quote I use at least vaguely to the roast, but don’t go busting your brains trying to work out the connection! (If you can, or you can guess where I got the quote from, then my eternal love and respect!)

Now I’ve explained that, let us get on with the linkage from the last two weeks shall we?

I need to start tagging things “only in America” so I can find them again… A prisoner in Arkansas is suing as he lost 45kg in jail. This isn’t loosing 45kg to take him to dangerously undernourished either. Oh no. It’s loosing 45kg to go down to 22 stone (that’s about 308lbs)!

As soon as I saw this article I said “Glastonbury” – off the top of my head I can count at least 10, and those are just the ones I can remember, bearing in mind it’s been several years since I went for a hike round the hostelries.

I’ve always been against nuclear weapons, but now even more so since I found out tea is under threat! As Moose said when she forwarded me the link, you just know this story is true. It’s so British but one of our genuine concerns about nuclear war was that we’d run out of tea!

In the UK, we have the lowest privacy rating in the EU. We’re categorised as “endemic surveillance” along with Russia and Singapore. So what does that mean as we get increasingly online lives?

Not watched Iron Man yet? Why not? Go, watch it. If nothing else, Robert Downey Jr looks fine throughout the entire thing and lots of stuff gets blown up. Something for all the family. And of course, then you get out of the movie and have a great time dissecting the storyline with friends.

Orson Scott Card on J.K.Rowling and plagarism. You can feel the bile and vitriol just oozing out of the computer screen. Love it (with a few valid points thrown in for good measure)

In London through July this year? Why not check out some of the events in the London Lit Plus festival

I’ve found a new blog to read! Yay! Private Secret Diary has had me snorting over my cups of tea all week. A valid addition to the feed reader

The best bits of Twitter

Penguins in a cartoon – what’s not to love?

Want an example of what good customer service can do? From cross customer to Chief Creative Officer. Not bad going

MacGyver in the 21st century

Last year, Penguin ran the “Million Penguins” wiki, an attempt to write a collaborative novel. Now read the report on the project which attempts to bring some academic sense to the madness.

Flickr has some awesome photos of the recent art show under Waterloo. This take on Lascaux has to be one of my favourites

And now with the movies.

Finding Amanda

Brideshead Revisited

The Spirit – so I was hoping he’d have ditched the strong voiceover after Sin City, but apparently not. Still glorious to look at though

Now if you’ll excuse me, while you read all this lot, I am going to go enjoy the sun and perhaps watch some more Farscape

8 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: I can’t believe I left a nuclear bomb in an elevator

  1. I’m surprised York isn’t mentioned in the pub article, because you can’t move with bumping into a pub there. Although technically it’s a city not a town, it’s population is smaller than some towns mentioned.

  2. Ahem…

    I was going to say something sensible… Oh yeah, the Can Festival photo’s are amazing! I too loved the Lascaux one, but particularly enjoyed the one that said ‘make me famous, put this on flickr’ …. since I was lookin’ at it on Flickr…

    Did you get the ‘twitter darkside’ link I posted from Penny Arcade?

    We too have been dissecting Iron Man, but mostly we have been yelling ‘screw it, I’m Iron Man’ and grinning from ear to ear at lot!

  3. Dang it… I think it decided the first line of my previous (or following I guess since it’s been queued for moderation) have been hidden as it assumed it was a tag.

    The first line of my next post should read:

    …. cruches on Abby from NCIS ….



  4. Moose – from what I saw, yup York had a lot of pubs, but then so do most cities, big or small. Someone want to do a per-head on drinking establishments in the City of London?

    JonnyB – more than valid (I was feeling very uninspired when I wrote the intro on Sunday). Hysterical might be more to the point. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve giggled tea all over my keyboard lately thanks to your posts. If it goes on like this, I might have to bill you for a new one! Welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments 🙂

    Neko – yup, the link got you into moderation (though *whisper* you could use your own super-login to rescue it 😛 )

  5. I was slightly disappointed to discover you hadn’t picked up a guy in a cemetary, although crushes on Pauley Perrette are fully understandable. Me too.

    I’ve been promised a notebook. Since you and Neko are such notebook fiends I thought you’d appreciate this comment, “Don’t get a nice, shiny or expensive notebook. Get one with a cartoon character on it or you’ll be too scared to write in it and ruin it”.

    A suitable comment on both my cleanliness/hygiene issues and the quality of my writing 😀

  6. Who’s promised you a notebook?

    And get a notebook you feel comfortable with, that’s the important thing. I’ll agree, if it is TOO nice, you’ll have page-fright. But if it is too tacky, then you just wont want to write it in. Well, you wont if you’re me!

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