Bank Holiday Hiatus

IMG_0265 This is a notice to you all, lovely readers, that Bright Meadow is going to go on a temporary hiatus. Tis the August Bank Holiday here in the good old United Kingdom (well, apart from in Scotland) and traditionally us Brits pack our bags for the long weekend and head away from it all in the vain pursuit of some sunshine.

Because it ALWAYS rains on the August bank holiday. It’s like the fourth law of robotics or something.

This time I am making a run up to join the Crazy Canalman for a day or so, frolicking about on the boat with him and (hopefully) Brother Dearest. Whilst I am busy not-roasting, I am also going to be doing some hard thinking and budget planning. A ghastly way to spend a holiday, I know, but essential when facing my current employment dilemma. Come on people, cast some votes and help me decide here – Oxford or Cambridge?!

Have a good weekend doing whatever it is you are doing, and I shall be back shortly with hopefully more exciting and glorious news to share. At a minimum, I should at least be in a position to be able to put to rest all the confusion over where I’m going to be living in a month. I know I don’t like to plan, but this is getting ridiculous, even for me!

8 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Hiatus

  1. I vote for Cambridge, but only because that’s where Douglas Adams located the fictional college of St Cedd’s in his novel Dirk Gentley’s Holistic Detective Agency (an old favorite of mine). I know that isn’t a very good reason but since no one else is putting forward opinions here, I figured I’d just mention it. 🙂 Congrats on having cool-sounding choices!

  2. Cheryl – I shall add that one to the Cambridge column. Good reason! (Though at the moment the pro-Cambridge column is rather small…)

    Joe – I never said the Scots were British. I said the United Kingdom. If I’d called the Scots British, every single one of my ancestors would be climbing out their graves to rush down the hillside, Braveheart style!

  3. You can take my life but you will never take my freedom (and my chips)!

    Its very hard to relax on a British Bank holiday since there is no room to go anywhere. O the motorway is nice, the queues are quite spectacular at the sites.

    Might as well drink Irisk coffees in bed!

  4. Joe, the Scots are British. The United Kingdom is made up of 1 and a bit islands. The big island (Scotland, England and Wales) is Great Britain, the other bit is Northern Ireland. Therefore the Scots are both Scottish and British.
    If it makes you feel better, my great, great grandad Anderson is probably turning in his grave right now over me saying that.

  5. Alan, irish coffees are a good idea… But if you want to get away from the rush, I can highly recommend a canal boat. It sounds silly, but I hadn’t realised how stressed I was till I lay back on the boat on Sunday and watched the banks slowly pass by… Bliss, to hear the water and the ducks and in the evening to watch the stars in sky. Getting to the boat wasn’t the most fun (bloody trains, stupid Tube), but once there? So peaceful.

    And welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments 🙂

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