Sunday Soup

The very important question you need to be asking yourselves right this second is:
Is there a roast in the glorious Cas, under the haze of cold/flu and Lemsip? Because I am not sure there is you know. Rarely have I felt less glorious, for I am sick again. I don’t think I managed to fully get last weeks lurgy out of my system – rather, it just lay low for a few days then sensed weakness and returned full force.


What other news have I got to entertain you, this cold and somewhat dreary Sunday afternoon?

Well I think I might have made a mistake when I told the Brainy Snail that one of the things I wanted out of Oxford was a man (or at least lots of potentials to have fun dating). See, it’s been a year or two since I was in the same city as the Brainy Snail: I’d forgotten how gods damned determined she can be when given a mission. If you never hear from me again it is because I have gone into hiding to escape all the men she is lining up to throw at my head! Yes, I talk the talk, but now we’ve got to see if I can walk the walk, or just retire and jibber in fear till I become the crazy-dateless-wonder-cat-lady.

I should be rejoicing, surely, that there is someone in my life who is so committed to my well-being. I am, secretly, on the inside and I am sure I will prove to be a challenge she is more than capable of dealing with. If this time next year I am still single, it will not be for want of trying on either of our parts.

But it is just, right now I feel about as appealing as… Nope. There’s nothing there. I have got through half a box of tissues in the five hours I have been awake so far today and there is no image I can conjure with the magic of my command over the English language that will do justice to the mankiness that is me. I look in the mirror and am constantly surprised it doesn’t jump off the wall and run away to cower behind the wardrobe in fear. It is very hard to summon enthusiasm for lunches where the friend-of-friend is to be persuaded to bring along his friend, when the thing I am most looking forward to is another in an endless procession of mugs of tea…

Hmmm, wonder if I can persuade my lovely landlord to make me a cuppa… (He needs a blog name I have just noticed)…

Back on rambling track.

Yup, that has decided me. I am not roasting today. Roasting requires energy and wit and enthusiasm, three things that deserted me like so many rats when the Titanic of my immune system started taking on water. Instead I am going to succumb to the lure of the kettle, then take myself back to bed and encourage you all to take a step outside your RSS readers for once and admire the glory that is the new Bright Meadow. It won’t always be this pink, but it will always be this fantabulous, thanks to Tam.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Soup

  1. Woe! Poorly sick again?

    I think myself, everybody else here and most importantly YOU should be feeling a desperate need to have words with the dreaded lurgy!

    It simply shouldn’t be allowed!

    I’m liking the new site design. Wandered here to peek and had an ooh! moment. Good work by Tam!

    It might just be my monitor and everything, but it doesn’t look supremely pink… more a pinky shade of purple than pink – excluding the banner of course!

    And now I’ve said that, I have to think… is there such a thing as a pinky shade of purple?!

    Guess I’ll have to ponder on that one.

    Get well soon!

  2. BM is looking super fantabulous now! It suits you 🙂

    Feel better soon! I’m trying to fight away the start of a cold myself, but anticipating a war 🙁 If only we could get Slankets on the NHS, eh?

    And, jinx, I think the word you’re looking for is magenta!

  3. jinx – yeah, poorly sick again. It does seem to be something of a motif in my life!

    brilliantology – wish I could take credit on the design! Everyone seems to be saying how much it suits me, which is just what I wanted 😀 I’ve even got a smilie as a favicon now! How much happier and brighter can you get?!

    Um, what are slankets?

  4. I had the evil lurgy… b@#@dy freshers…..

    I had it as I went off to Dartmoor though, to spend a week digging holes in a peat bog- no hiding under a blanket for me! Oddly though, for once the ‘I don’t have time to be ill’ approach worked and I didn’t have it nearly as badly as the not-spouse….

    You settled enough for visitors yet?

  5. I do feel a little like I am making the most of being ill. I am not dying (though I wished I was on Friday) and really, it is just a heavy cold, but… There is something quite decadent about taking the time to be properly ill 😀

    But I agree, bastard freshers with their nasty germs I am not acclimatised too. And I don’t even get student discount any more to compensate!

  6. Those Slankets look hideous. How hard is it to just reach your arm out the side of your blanket? Or better still, make a little tent and have everything you need inside a little cocoon of blankety goodness. Remotes work through blankets too you know.

    And why do you need to comission me to make you something when you have the Beast? It’s going to feel unloved.

    I have to face the shocking reality that I am now lurgy free and have to go back to work tomorrow. Pooey.

  7. Oh, the Beast isn’t unloved at all. It is draped attractively over the end of my bed, providing much needed warmth in the Siberian/Oxford winters.

    And if you ask me very nicely, I will see what I can do about infecting you with my lurgy if you want when I visit this weekend?

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