Sunday Roast: Save me from a villanous imagination

I just braved a look into my Sunday Roast bookmark folders and nearly had a heart attack; because I haven’t roasted for a few weeks they have become somewhat swollen. Bursting at the seams might actually be a more accurate description! Which leaves me in something of a dilemma, because if I post all of the links I have been saving 1) I am going to be SO out of date and 2) you are just going to get swamped.

So it is time to be ruthless… Turns out, ruthless means no news articles. Cool. Turns out it also means no blogs/sites. Not so cool. However, I do have lots of great pictures and movies for you.

Whilst you are enjoying them, I am going to go and wash my brain out a few times, and tell it sternly to behave itself. There really are certain people you shouldn’t be crushing on. I need to find an EDLO in Oxford, and right quick!

Some awesome graffiti in Singapore

One of these days I am going to get to see the aurora. Pretty please?

Sometimes, you just have to check a picture hasn’t been photoshopped

Penguin!!! (yes, I am still obsessed)


Hank & Mike – just… bizarre

Choose Connor

Changeling – chilling and awesome

The Spirit – I’ll admit I wasn’t sold on this before, but it is starting to grow on me a little bit

Good Dick

Let the Right One In – like Twighlight, but darker, goryer, and with subtitles


JCVD – just… I want to see this film!

Gran Torino

Last Chance Harvey

Transporter 3 – and I know there will be no plot and very little dialogue, but I like Jason Statham, and things blowing up, and fast cars. My mum goes to see Mamma Mia as a feel-good film. I go to see Death Race, or Transporter…

7 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Save me from a villanous imagination

  1. I just wasn’t sure how to blog it! Plus, when I was writing, you hadn’t put any of the pictures up onto Flickr, so it would have been impossible to describe!

    It was awesome though, truly awesome!

  2. “There really are certain people you shouldn’t be crushing on.”

    oh come on, you can’t make a comment like that and not tell us more! And I agree the Deathrace was a bizarre and awesome way to spend an hour on a grey Saturday afternoon.

  3. oh come on, you can’t make a comment like that and not tell us more!

    It’s all I am willing to say on the blog 😛

    At least till I have returned to sanity!

  4. Cas, I just found your blog and had to comment on the TreeBike – Tree…! Loved it!

    JCVD… I saw it TIFF 08 and Jean-Claude Van Damme gives the craziest monologue of his career (HANDS DOWN), okay so maybe that’s not saying much, but holy crap it’s worth the watch! I was laughing from the opening logos (no joke :-P) to the infamous kick…

    I also found a pretty cool list of posters you might like!

  5. Well welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments Robert 🙂 Those posters are pretty cool, thanks for the link!

    I tried to persuade someone today that JCVD was going to be an awesome film, just based on the trail, but he wasn’t sold. I think it might be a case of dragging him to the cinema and forcing him to watch!

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