Winter Wonderland

Winter canal wonderland

Well, winter is finally here and Christmas is round the corner. How do I know this? Because I spent the weekend on the boat, meandering down the canal, drinking mulled wine, and trying to avoid frostbite. Up till now I have been denying the season, and have managed to do so successfully because I don’t have a TV and have avoided the usual hideous adverts and jingles. It’s just not Christmas-time because I haven’t seen the Coca Cola advert! I do have a habit of Scrooging my way through the festive season, but for some reason, Oxford is bringing out the jolly in me. What with the carol concerts, Santa runs, dates, decorations and parties, I’m busy pretty much every day up till the big day itself, and even my bah-humbug-ing is more a token effort than heartfelt.

Which is nice, but not generally condusive to finding time to blog and write Sunday Roasts and things like that. So rather than leave you all panting in expectation of the next post which never seems to come, I am going to bid you a fond adieu till 2009 rolls round.

Have a lovely festive season everybody 🙂

(And I still haven’t done the sodding Christmas shopping!)

4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Well, I am sorry I first caught you on your way to a short sabbatical. I’d do that myself until Jan. 5th but I’d most likely lose half my rabid, er, I mean avid fans.

    Cheers and have fun on those Festive Jaunts!

  2. Hi Jannnie! Luckily, my rabid/avid fans are long suffering and used to me disappearing every now and again. Plus this hasn’t been a great blogging year for me, so I think it’s is better to take a proper rest and come back in the new year all revitalised.

    Already I feel the urge to blog start to trickle back now I have told myself I can’t!

    Welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments, and I hope you come back in 2009 for more fun and frolicks 🙂

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