Sunday Roast: making weapons with weather

Blood Bath

I do, on occasion, leave the seclusion of Palace Meadows. And when I do, it is to find with great disappointment that the blood baths are closed. Well there go MY plans for the weekend!

I’ve been looking for new hairstyles because I am SO bored with my current hair, and I stumbled across these street portraits on Flickr. I love the idea of snapshots of the anonymous crowd that surround us every day

Oh noes! Tea is getting more expensive! I do love how people drink MORE tea in a recession though, not less. Well, we all know the British will be drinking tea on judgement day

Are you a spotify or Me, I love spotify. For some reason, I never got into – perhaps because I’d think I’d find a song I liked, but it was only a thirty second preview. I’ve yet to fail to find an artist on spotify. It also seems slightly more robust that the browser-based The adds aren’t too bad at the moment either

New Day of the Triffids. With Dougray Scott, Eddie Izzard, Brian Cox and Jason Priestley. Yum.

Is an auto read-aloud function an audio book? Not till it can do the different voices and inflection of a proper audio book, no.

Wondering when the kindle will reach the UK? (Though from conversations down the pub on Friday, people over here are jonesing for the Sony Reader instead).

I WANT this house!

Clay Shirky and a valid point on the changing expectations of privacy

Which do you prefer to read? Fiction that saves utopia or improves a bleak world? Me, I’m for the “improving the world” style. Something in me is just inherently distrustful of so called ‘perfect worlds’. Instead of watching characters fight to get back what is lost, I would far rather watch as they strove to build something new and better. But that’s just me.

Skills Like This

Fanboys – I don’t know why I laughed, but I did. God help me, but I did

The Soloist – so I’m a Robert Downey Jr. junky. Can you blame me? (And this also looks like a good movie)

8 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: making weapons with weather

  1. No an auto-read function is not an audio book. Audio books aren’t read, they are acted. There’s a big difference.

    I can remember the 1981 Day of the Triffids – and yes, the fact that you weren’t born then does make me feel old. Looking forward to the new version though.

  2. I can remember the 1981 Day of the Triffids as well. But that’s because it was on the TV recently(ish). Or I borrowed the DVD from the library.

    My only concern is how they do the actual Triffids. Because, let’s face it, the BBC doesn’t have a great history with realistic monsters in its shows. As much as a triffid can be realistic…

  3. In 1981 the triffids were rubbery and not remotely scary, even to a 5 year old. But the CGI for Doctor Who has shown significant improvement in the BBCs ability for this kind of thing in recent years.

  4. Doctor Who has improved a lot, I will agree, but some of them are still a little dodgy. I mean, those cyber-“dogs” in the Christmas episode?!

  5. Oh, I hadn’t realised the Sony didn’t like Macs. I’ll definitely stop lusting after one then! For that price, if I had it to waste, I’d actually lean towards getting a small netbook or something. OK, so it’s less ‘book’ form, but more versitile in it’s way.

    Or an iPod touch.

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