Sunday Roast: rejoice!

The last two days, I had been thinking that spring has sprung. Today? Not so much, with the grey and the dreary. Ah well, it was divine yesterday and that is all that mattered (someone from work got married. I managed not to cry. Just). And on Friday, there was much celebrating because this fantastic lady won the Waterstone’s CHildren’s Book Prize. I’d be grimly jealous if she wasn’t so lovely. As it is, go read her book. I had to delay the hangover from Friday night till today, as being hungover in church is just wrong, so this is going to be a short roast. When it’s done I am going back to bed to groan pathetically. I knew there was a reason I didn’t drink.

Booksquare has a thought provoking piece on DRM and ebooks. I’m going to keep sitting on the fence a bit longer; as someone who works in rights, I understand the need for DRM from a publishers viewpoint. As a consumer, it drives me nuts. The solution? No idea.

The other week I talked about Authonomy and HarperCollins. This week, it’s Urbis’ turn in the spotlight. Katelynjane has a bit more on her experience there.

I’ve got a feeling that as this writing thing gets going some more, the flavour of the roasts is going to turn more and more literary and publishing orientated. Sorry. You know the best way to counteract this – email me links or post them in the comments yourself!

That warning over, Deadline Dames has some interesting pointers in how to query agents. Oh god help me now is all I can say!

Dog climbs tree

Wall-E bento – who would have the heart to eat this!

How. I mean, HOW

I’m jonesing for some late-season Buffy (since moving out of Meadow Towers I don’t have the dvds on tap any more *sob*) so have at a four minute recap of all seven seasons. I’d forgotten how much sex is in the later seasons! And MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Spike.

That’s all I have to say now. Bed or a nice long walk await. I’m not sure which one is more appealing.

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