2 thoughts on “Wilma, Barney, Betty, and Barney (aka the things you find entertaining whilst sick) #365

  1. Ha ha ha! I was expecting to see a shot of the Flintstones, but this was fun too.

    For years, I would read Tom Holt novels whenever I was sick, but sadly, you can only read the same 3 books so many times before they cease to entertain. Now I listen to Discworld audio books instead… although those are starting to get a bit stale too, since I keep listening to the same ones. (I need to stop dithering and buy Snuff, I Shall Wear Midnight, and maybe Unseen Academicals…)

  2. If you can get hold of them, get the Blackadder series on audio. They are hilarous. I had them on repeat for when I used to drive up and down from uni – nothing better to keep you laughing through five hours on the motorway.

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