Name the latest Penguin Army recruit #365 #penguinarmy

Tired. Depressed. So what’s a girl to do? Buy a giant penguin that’s what!

I was wandering round the shops a few weeks ago with Leen and spotted this giant penguin sitting, all forlorn and lopsided on the shelf in Debenhams. I was strong that day. I resisted the Call of the Penguin. And I resisted it for many days until today… There was nothing particularly special or awful about today. But as I got off the bus I turned right instead of left, and found myself in the store ten minutes before closing. There, lying on his side, alone on the top shelf, was the giant penguin. Still lopsided. Still forlorn.

This time I couldn’t resist.

Reader, I bought him.

Now he needs a name. Suggestion in the comments please!

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