Day One of the “you will eat a freakishly large amount of fruit for breakfast” diet

Bowl of fruit for breakfast - click to see bigger and notes on Flickr Day One of the “you will eat a freakishly large amount of fruit for breakfast” diet.
For breakfast today: one banana, one clementine, one golden delicious.

First impressions? Do I eat this with a spoon, with a fork, with my fingers, with chopsticks?! What’s good form? I’m currently in a no-mans land between fork and fingers. Mainly because I am surfing at the same time and I don’t want to get the keyboard all mussy.

I actually quite like banana. I have held off eating them for years – ever since I was old enough to be allowed an opinion about what I ate – for the simple reason that I can’t bite into a whole banana without gagging. There is a reason for this slightly bizarre response. When much, much younger, there was a rule in our house that you had to clear your plate before you left the table. After several tearful altercations between Baby Cas and Curly Durly, it was deemed less hassle for all if Baby Cas wasn’t forced to eat bananas. The people that tell you your childhood can’t scar you for life are lying. Ever since then, it’s been a pavlovian response – deep in my brain, something goes “Ack, banana! We don’t want this!” I have decided however that, approaching my mid twenties, I really need to get over myself, so when I braved the greengrocers yesterday, a bunch of bananas were forced into my basket. I can’t quite face munching on a whole banana yet, but chopped up they are actually rather pleasant, and go surprisingly well with clementine.

Conversely, I do not like golden delicious apples. Apples as a whole are another fruit I have had troubled relationships with in the past. I expect most kids who had braces growing up feel much the same way. I have vivid memories of the time I bit into an apple and felt my teeth move a little bit… Even though my teeth are now all shiny and straight (with not a single filling I am proud to reveal) and have no marked tendency to wobble, I still baulk at chomping on a whole apple a la Eve. So they are also sliced up into the bowl. Not liking golden delicious though. They seem a bit floury with no real taste. Good thing I only bought a handful – what variety should I try next?

Whether this lot will keep me going till lunch remains to be seen. Two pieces of toast used to do the trick, but I’ve just finished the bowl and don’t exactly feel full :S

Well, it’s an experience, if nothing else 🙂

4 thoughts on “Day One of the “you will eat a freakishly large amount of fruit for breakfast” diet

  1. You see, what you need is a tub of Greek yoghurt (or plain, whatever you prefer), and throw three bananas plus the yoghurt into a blender, and instant smoothie. No more gagging. (tee hee hee)

  2. Pink Lady apples are my favorite. Living in Apple Land, a.k.a. Washington state, I have access to any number of strange and delicious varieties of the things. Fuji are nice, Braeburn are very popular… but all three of my favorites are kind of tangy and tart. If you’re looking for sweetness, alas, someone else will have to introduce you to their apple friends.

  3. *Makes a note of Pink Lady apples* I can’t remember seeing them in the green grocers, but I will certainly keep an eye out – thanks for the suggestion!

    At the moment I have no real preference for tangy or sweet, I just want taste. I want to know I’ve just eaten an apple. Or, as in the case of this morning, that there was an apple in my smoothie.

    Think of this as a good opportunity to shape/direct/pervert my fruit tastes. I will willingly guinea pig anything and everything you suggest (with two provisos – that it is legal, and that isn’t prohibitively expensive).

    (Two bananas one apple a good dollup of plain yoghurt = a very tasty breakfast. Tip though, cut the apple up really small before you blitz it in the blender. I learnt this the hard way this morning when I nearly caused Moose’s blender to explode

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