Told you healthy eating was bad for you

Well it’s a good job I’ve got no plans to be snogging anyone any time soon. I just managed to burn my lower lip on a courgette (that’s a zucchini to you non-British people). Yes, I am that much of a clutz. Took a piece out of the steamer to check it was cooked and… pain. Whereas some people would then throw the offending vegetable away and vow never to have anything to do with the cucumber family ever again, I decided that I would eat the courgette with as much malice and spite as I could, just to get my revenge. There was hatred in my heart, and as I bit down, that courgette sure knew that it had messed with the wrong girl. And when I say ‘burn’, I mean burn. I now have a lovely blister forming. As I said, good job the CC is 3000 odd miles away the other side of the Atlantic really, isn’t it?

I’m starting to think I did something nasty to a fruit or a vegetable in a past life, and that they’re out to get me… Could really do with a piece of chocolate right now 😉