Monday Update: week one

So it’s Monday *1*. Time for the update on the whole “get fit” deal that I talked about last week.

To see the rest of the post, click on the ‘more’ link below – I’ve done this to keep the front page of the blog as free from my diet related hi-jinks as possible. I am aware that not everyone actually cares what I ate for lunch etc.

Food wise I have been a very, very good girl.

Breakfast is still two bits of toast but, instead of slathering them in butter (mmmmmmmm hot buttered toast), I am using a scraping of olive spread. No where near so tasty, but my arteries are sure to thank me.

I now lay in snacks in the form of grapes or strawberries to have during the day – these are easy to eat at the desk, don’t drip juice everywhere, and have the added advantage of being rather tasty.

Lunches last week comprised salads, apart from Thursday when it was a divine baked potato, though that came with a salad too.

For afternoon snacks during the week I laid in some Trebors Extra Strong Mints. These are great because they are so powerful you can only have one at a time, and they nuke your tastebuds for a good thirty minutes so you couldn’t eat anything else even if you wanted to!

Evening meals have, mostly, been healthy. On one or two occasions I just couldn’t be arsed cooking so ended up with rice noodles or a fruit smoothie or something. I know, not a rounded meal, but it is just so hot at the moment I have no appetite.

I have resisted chocolate all week – snacks of any evil form actually. When I’ve wanted to snack (which hasn’t been so often, more on that in a minute), I’ve been good and had fruit, or a yoghurt, or a smoothie if I’m *really* hungry.

That is apart from Friday. It was my leaving meal so I kinda… fell off the wagon. Ciabatta bread, gnocchi swimming in a mozzarella and parmesan sauce, and a divine honey comb and chocolate cheesecake. And a glass of wine and some G&T later on. One bad night a week is allowed, right?

The whole ‘not snacking during the day’ issue is easier than I thought due to the new job. I just don’t have time to snack! Previously I was munching through packets of biscuits and chocolate daily because the job was, quite frankly, boring. A trained monkey could have done it. Not done it as well as me, but still done it. Now though there just aren’t enough hours in the day – I barely have time to make cups of tea, let alone scoff down biscuits. Not that the new boss is making things easier for me. He keeps reminding me there is a biscuit tin, the contents of which anyone is more than welcome to… I have told him in no uncertain terms that he is to stop this, but he keeps trying to lure me to the dark side. I will be strong!

As far as the whole exercise thing has gone, I haven’t been so successful. I went to the gym once *blush* Did a fair amount of cardio whilst I was there, but couldn’t do the resistance I wanted for my upper body due to my wrist being all f**ked up at the moment. For the rest, I’ve walked a fair bit, made an effort to use the stairs and not the lift, but yes. I have been a bit lazy. It’s just been so hot! I’m also starting to do the exercises for my back and stomach at home again. Who knows, one day perhaps I’ll actually have be physically capable of doing a sit-up!

I’ve not noticed any difference regarding clothes fitting better, or a reduction in ‘junior’ (I have to be careful what tops I wear or I *do* look like I’m trying to hide the fact I’m a few months pregnant!), but it’s early days. Right?

*1* Actually it’s Tuesday morning. Got ill last night so couldn’t finish the post. All better now 🙂

2 thoughts on “Monday Update: week one

  1. You know, in the eating plan I recently completed for the fourth or fifth time, you ARE allowed one day a week to eat EVERYTHING you want. It was called Free Day, It was magnificent, it made me sick sometimes, but….it was the best day of the week!
    The idea behind it was that if you occasionally give your body the ok to binge, it would not ever go into “starvation mode: where it stores fat and burns up lean muscle mass. I liked the theory. Oh hell. I liked the free day.

  2. I like the idea of a free day…

    Ok, Fridays are Free-days! 😀 (Though in a blow to alliteration, Saturday would fit better into my schedule as a free day. It’s easier to eat healthily at work for some reason right now).

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