Gym Tracking

Weight – still magic number + 4. This is mildly annoying, but the wibble is definitely starting to firm up a bit, so I can live with that.
10 min walk to gym.
3km on cycle = 9.19 min.
1km on rowing = 5.22.9 min.
15 min resistance = mainly legs. I tried to do arm stuff but my wrist just wasn’t playing ball. It wasn’t strong enough to either push or pull 🙁 I did manage 10 stomach crunches though, so go me!
10 min walk home.
Eat food – so, so hungry! That’s a good sign, right?

6 thoughts on “Gym Tracking

  1. Ignore weight.
    Weight can increase as you gain muscle mass (since its heavier than fat). Pay attention to how you feel and look and how the clothes fit.

  2. I agree with Old Surly. Obsessing over ‘the number’ is sometimes counterproductive. Sure, you may lose 10 pounds of fat, but if you put on 15 pounds of muscle, and all you’re going by is ‘the number’.. well, then from that view, your exercise and diet isn’t helping, but making things worse, because you’ve gained 5 pounds. 🙂

  3. The hunger is a good thing, because it means your body is wanting food to help clear out some of the toxins. I have been walking a lot, which has helped me look a bit slimmer—gone from appearing five months pregnant to merely four.

  4. Dear lord, one comment and I’m obsessing! I’m not obsessing! I am just noting that whilst it hasn’t decreased any, it hasn’t increased either (good thing). And whilst yes, muscle does weigh more than fat etc, I do need to loose some of that excess weight. I know what my target weight is as it was the weight I was last year at my ‘best’. Only 14kg to loose to get there *sigh*

    But yes, I am primarily going by the whole dimensions issue.

    gym’ll fix it? Oh… dear…


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